Wrapping up 2021. Breathe. Continued balance. Perspective. Repeat daily.

2020 was a lot. 2021 has proven to be even more. Our profession has really taken a hit locally, throughout the state and nation. Teachers, central office personnel and fellow school administrators are leaving the profession. Maintaining high morale has been a challenge while navigating my own. A few things have kept me balanced throughout navigating my career through the nearly past two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. Making family/loved ones, friends, health/wellness, and hobbies a focus while having clear work/home balance each and every day have helped significantly.

NPR ran the article below today that really hit me.


Times are tough in our society and especially education. Maintaining a growth mindset, focusing on our circle of control and silver linings are vital.

Make time daily for wellness. Ideally well over an hour but less if needed. Uninterrupted. Phone in another room. Focused. Peloton is my universe of choice but choose what works best for you and stick with it. Make it part of your day. Completely free of distractions – that is key. You’ll be amazed at how great you feel physically and mentally. Ample sleep nightly and well balanced meals help significantly, too.

Make time for family. If they’re far away — call, Zoom, Facetime. If near make time once a week to see them even for an hour or so. Device and distraction free.

Make time for friends. Make time at least once a week to catch up with friends in some capacity. Also uninterrupted time is paramount here.

Make time for a hobby or two. You can do it solo or with family, friends, loved one(s) just make the time to find the joy. For me it is fitness, going on walks on the greenways or trails, listening to some vinyl, reading, or even the occasional Netflix binge. Find what works for you and stick with it.

Work is vital but it is not our everything it shouldn’t consume our daily lives 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Far from it. Balance.

Focusing on negatives accomplishes nothing and is in fact counterproductive. Focus on the positive aspects of work and life. Yes 2021 has been tough but shown below are just a sampling of some of the positive vibes that 2021 has provided professionally to put things in perspective.

We’ve got this. Happy Holidays and a very happy 2022 to all!

Navigating a rapidly changing landscape in career and life during COVID-19


It’s amazing to think of how quickly our worlds both professional and personal have changed in the last few weeks alone. Interacting with teachers, students and my administrative colleagues in the building was a daily thing. Wrapping up observations for this cycle, visiting classrooms, conducting various meetings, etc. was the daily norm. Little by little cases of COVID-19 popped up in other parts of the US, then North Carolina then right here in my beloved Wake County. District meetings started to cancel, then sporting events, then, like the entire nation now, our district canceled as a preventative measure.

Teleworking. What was that? Legit has never heard that phrase a month ago, even a few weeks ago. Now – after two weeks of teleworking through Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. it’s the “new normal” as much a part of our lives as “social distancing” which also was a phrase that’s rapidly become part of our daily lives.

What has been amazing through all this is how rapidly, and effectively we all, especially within all walks of education have adapted to this swift change. Teleworking, utilizing Zoom to meet with grade level teams, district level leaders, smaller groups of educators, etc. daily to make sure we’re all on the same page with upcoming district roll-outs of distance learning and checking in on one another for some “face time”

This entire now two week plus experience above all has really put things into perspective. Life, family, our work, etc. Lots of time for pause and reflection. During the hustle and bustle of the “normal” work flow these things are easy to overlook.

Our teleworking schedules are often sandwiched with tv updates from our local and state leaders with advice and in some cases even closure announcements of various types of business and local/state “stay at home” orders from our Governor and county commission chairman. Our Governor and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary are on tv daily in one way or another providing guidance to the people of our state. CDC task force experts do the same daily at the federal level. These are truly unchartered territories for all of us young and old alike. We are all in this together navigating through times unknown.



So much has happened already and so much is yet to come as this journey continues both personally and professionally. One thing helps more than any. Check up on friends and family – your colleagues. Even a quick phone call or text if you can’t Zoom. We are all in this together – better together. These are uncertain times but thankfully we have modern technology to help in at least somewhat weathering the storm that has come and what is undoubtedly ahead.

Sometime in the next few months when things are back to “normal” we will look back on the moments we are in now and be even so more thankful we followed the guidance of the CDC, our elected officials and all went above and beyond for the overall well being of our society.