The boundless value of sending positive energy

Last week started the 2022-23 school year for the district I work in. As students and teachers head back to into buildings throughout the nation it’s no secret our profession is in a difficult spot.

Professionals of all aspects of education are often feeling undervalued and under paid. Add to this the national wave of scrutiny toward our public schools often landing in school communities all over, this often only adds to the burden.

As school leaders, it is imperative that now, more than ever, we create a culture of trust, positivity, caring within the professionals we serve. Sending and attracting “good energy” should always be a foundation. In 2019, Entrepreneur had a valuable piece featuring 9 ways to attract good energy. For specifics, the article can be found here:

In short here are the 9 ways:

1. Pay attention to the energy you’re emitting.

2. Change the tone of your thoughts.

3. Cut off negative influences.

4. Expand your circle.

5. Embrace compassion and kindness.

6. Cultivate gratitude.

7. Find your inner strength.

8. Align your current self with your future self.

9. Act in good faith.

When times are challenging as they have been the past few years especially both in our profession and in life with navigating a pandemic world and as we emerge from this, it is often easy to find ourselves on the “complain train” about ever shifting world, career and changes not always for the better do to said challenges.

Reinforcing this negative talk is never going to help. Instead, treating everyone with compassion, kindness and grace, even if they aren’t doing the same, will go a long way. Your kindness will come back to you in the form of good energy. We always want to put good energy into the universe — not the opposite — if we want positive outcomes, even if they don’t come immediately. Begin with the end in mind.

Lead by example. Embrace the staff you lead. Celebrate your staff collectively often – genuinely. Celebrate staff individually when they’ve added value to the group in any capacity. Encourage collaboration within the group, if there is an expert on a platform or skill — encourage sharing. The list is boundless. Better together. Listen to them. Reflect. Listen more.

Leadership is often a lonely place. However, leading with positivity, grace and understanding often yields a less lonely setting and spreads – a win-win.

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