One year later.

One year ago today. My world changed. The lives of my building colleagues changed. My lives of my district colleagues changed. The lives of my friends, family and neighbors all around our community, state, nation and world changed. Dramatically. One year ago today the world started to shift rapidly in response to Covid-19 which had just officially been named a pandemic by the WHO.

In the past year like so many people within education and all walks of our community, state and nation I have learned, grown and adapted so much. Shifts are ongoing throughout the pandemic. A natural planner, I’ve had to shift. One day at a time. Focusing on circle of control ongoing. Leading with grace, listening and understanding always even if its hard to focus on the positivity myself often — always focus on those silver linings just as I’ve been doing the past year even more than usual.

We now have three approved vaccines which truly is a modern medical miracle. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Our return to normal will not be the same as pre-Covid it’s becoming more and more clear.

When we do return to a world without masks, social distancing and mass gatherings again what value adds will be bring from this experience.

Slowing down, reflecting, a deeper respect of self care in the form of diet and fitness while working smarter ongoing are some of my main take aways. I have no doubt I’ll emerge a better person professionally, physically and mentally. You?

This past year has been extremely challenging for everyone especially our front line workers, medical personnel, educators and our elected officials who have had to make difficult, often extremely challenging weekly, sometimes daily decisions throughout the ever-changing landscape of the global pandemic. Offer grace. Lately it seems we’ve drifted away but remember we’re all in this together. Let us aim to emerge better – together.

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