Refreshed, recharged and ready to go in 2016-17


Bloggers note:

This blog post originally appeared on the ASCD EDge blogging platform in August 2016. web1-back-to-school-logo-2

As I write this blog we are now one week into the 2016-17 academic year for traditional calendar schools in our school district. I’m eager to see where we go as a school with implementing both school-wide initiatives as as well as district-wide initiatives and vision. Two words – You Matter.

Most exciting this school year are the embarkment on three initiatives that will serve as a constant theme this school year and revisited/woven into most of the PD and reminders throughout the school year in an effort to be embraced by the faculty and in turn part of the school culture and community.

I knew I had a winner on my hands when the very next day at school I saw this sign in a 4th grade teacher’s room… matted and framed with Angela Maiers’ You Matter manefesto. Powerful. This was followed by numerous staff members asking me face to face or via email for more information about Maiers’ movement, books, blogs, videos, etc. Several faculty members are embracing this concept not only with their students but also one another. My relationship PD was student-student, faculty-student and faculty-faculty. You Matter served as the center piece.

How powerful would it be if we had a culture not only at our school but many schools that after a year, two or more of this movement and this could occur….

Intertwined with many links and resources found within The Skillful Teacher, Cultural Proficiency and Mindset. The faculty at our school now has a baseline of understanding to work around with the whole child and one another in an effort to move mountains for our students in 2016-17.

When the staff sees me leading by example constantly growing, learning and pushing myself out of my comfort zone this goes a long way toward them wanting/wishing/being interested in expanding their own mindset as we all work to do what’s best for kids and expanding our scope as educational professionals. Excited to see how all of these deep skills presented initially and revisited throughout the year will take off and hopefully blossom throughout the school year. Here is to a fantastic 2016-17…

Links to books referenced in my presentation and/or this blog:

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